July 29, 2019

“Featured in ABC News”

This week I was featured in ABC news covering the upcoming trends and opportunities in the tech world. The following is an excerpt of the full article, which you can find here:

“NEW YORK, NY, August 08, 2019 -- As the technology game continues to change at an ever increasing speed, we look to new entrepreneurs to give us their outlook on the upcoming trends they see coming in the near future.

While software and mobile applications are nothing new to us, experts already understand that new technologies will continue to integrate with existing platforms- and even new ones that might shock you.

This week we spoke with an upcoming but already influential tech entrepreneur Roy Taylor, who has risen in the industry quickly despite his unique independent approach to building a multiple 6-figure software company. During college he began developing SaaS (software as a service) platforms mainly to serve individuals looking to market themselves on social media. These simple services, ranging from social media marketing, to cryptocurrency alerts, were making hundreds and thousands of dollars per client monthly. This was his first sign of an emerging market that would take a foothold for generations to come. After scaling multiple businesses, he learned about iOS development- and hasn't looked back since.

Since realizing the long-term potential in developing mobile apps…”

Full Article: