July 29, 2019

Just getting started on my credit journey... 😏💳📊Just 4 months ago i had a 450 credit score (no shame)- i messsed it up bad in college...

See, i thought credit was useless... i STILL made 7-figures without it... but now that i have $$$... i realized credit is SO important!

Thankful for my mentors for teaching me how to get it up to 800 in such a short time... ⏱ Now, i want to share it with you!

Look, if you are making GOOD (5/6/7 figures) money, but want to get your score back to the top + learn alll the hacks, i can help you do it in RECORD TIME. Message me.

850 score soon & 1M in credit by 2020 🤯🔥